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Salmon Basics


The most important thing when buying MOWI Salmon is to keep it at the correct temperature so that it maintains its freshness and that it does not represent a danger to our health, since the fish are highly perishable. All fresh fish should be stored at temperatures between 30° and 34°F. MOWI salmon has very high standards for keeping the cold chain.

If you go to the store to buy MOWI salmon, request an additional ice pack to place the salmon once wrapped and that it is at a good temperature all the time during the transfer home. Then when you get home, keep the salmon in its plastic wrap and prepare a bowl, inside it a strainer with ice and place the salmon gently. Take to the refrigerator for a maximum of two days and change the ice daily and remove the water from the bowl. It is not recommended to consume it after two days.


One of the most important differences of Mowi salmon is the delicate flavor and texture, so it is very important not to overcook them (this is usually a very common mistake).

Here are some tips to make the perfect Mowi salmon

A change in coloration may be observed. When the fish is fresh without cooking, its flesh is translucent and shiny, once we apply cooking techniques, it will become opaque. You can also feel that it becomes more firm. We can carefully use our fingers to see the firmness (which fish is raw or undercooked will be soft). Regardless the cooking technique you want to use, we can help ourselves with a thermometer, the internal temperature should be between about 130F and about 140F when it is well done. If there is no thermometer, you can cook 8 minutes for each inch of thickness. It is very important to know that once the salmon is removed from the heat it continues to cook, so once it is ready it should be served immediately.


Various investigations confirm that fish is the most beneficial animal protein for health and recommend consuming it at least twice a week.

If the fish is fresh, whole or fillet, it must be observed that it is not withered and that in no case does it have the slightest trace of a rotten smell. The texture of the fish should be firm and elastic and should not come off when applying pressure with your fingers. The surface must be shiny cut. The eyes must occupy the entire eye socket and be transparent, bright and protruding, do not buy fish that have the eyes opaque, sunken and the pupil gray. The scales must be attached to the skin, with a metallic luster. The gills should be moist and bright pink to red in color. Its scent must be mild to the sea or river. The abdominal cavity should not have viscera or surfaces with tears. Make sure the spines are not separated from the tissue.

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