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We Care

We Care about the entire process from sea to fork of Salmon and to bring the Goodness of MOWI® to the home of consumers.

The Goodness of MOWI®

The Goodness of MOWI®

At Mowi, we work with the ocean to produce nutritious, delicious and supreme-quality seafood. We fulfill one fifth of global demand for farm-raised Atlantic salmon and are constantly driven by innovation and the desire to achieve the high standards in the industry. We Care about the entire process from sea to fork of Salmon and to bring the Goodness of MOWI® to the home of consumers.

Our heritage

Pioneering since 1964

Our adventure started in 1964 when a small group of enthusiasts, fueled with a bold vision, untold energy, and a love of everything to do with fish, became the pioneers of a new idea borne of an age-old tradition: farming the sea.

From its backyard beginnings, Mowi is now a world leader in the field of marine farming. Although much has changed over the intervening decades, our pioneering spirit remains the same now as it was in the beginning.

What drives us

MOWI’s value chain

At Mowi, we care for every aspect of our salmon that includes genetics, feed, farming operations, harvesting, processing, logistics, sales and marketing.

Our unique breed
Full traceability
Driving efficiency
the Blue Revolution
A common goal

We hire talented professionals in the industry to ensure expertise at each stage of our value chain and we gather and exchange data, experiences and practices from our global operations which provides us with opportunities that are difficult to match or copy.


Our unique breed

We have worked with the same strain of salmon since Mowi’s beginnings in 1964 and we work hard to protect and develop our unique breed. Salmon is good but MOWI® is Goodness! We have our own breeding and genetics department and our strategy is to produce our own eggs to secure the selection of the best genetic properties. We hold our own brood stock and invest significant efforts and resources to improve the performance, disease resistance, welfare and quality of the fish. This is why our MOWI® Salmon is Goodness.


Full traceability

Trusted people

The focus of our farmers is the welfare of our fish. We hire the best vets, geneticists, researchers and farmers, who share their knowledge and expertise on caring for fish via our global training initiatives.

Feed production

The flexibility of our feed division allows us to react to customer trends in a way that would not be possible with external feed suppliers. This allows us to offer the best feed for our salmon.


A common goal

At every stage of the value chain, Mowi works towards one shared aim. To provide a growing world population with delicious, healthy and nutritious food from the ocean, in a way that respects our planet and allows local communities to flourish. At Mowi – all 14,866 of us – we are proud of the MOWI quality and freshness offered every day to consumers. MOWI is Goodness because we care of every steps in the process.

ASC Certification

Our salmon are Farm-Raised in cold ocean waters. At MOWI® we care for salmon. Our farm sites are in areas…

BAP Certification

Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) is a seafood specific certification program that addresses the four areas – environmental, social, food safety, animal health and welfare…

Working in harmony with the sea

Our corporate ethos rests ultimately on the belief that by farming the ocean we can sustainably produce healthy…

Our corporate ethos rests ultimately on the belief that by farming the ocean we can responsibly produce healthy, nutritious and affordable food for society at large. Our stewardship of the environment is essential to reach our long-term goals and to safeguard the interests of future generations.

We pursue an integrated sustainability strategy aligned with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In this strategy, long-term targets have been established for all of our guiding principles.

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