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Salmon Heart Shaped Open-Faced Sandwich

Spread 4oz of Cream Cheese over 4 slices of bread. Cover each slice of bread with two slices of smoked salmon, one flavor per slice of bread. Proceed to press firmly to cut each open-faced sandwich into a heart shape. Cut Mini Red Bell Peppers into 8-12 thin slices. After this, remove seeds and make a cut in slices to make curved strips. Shape two strips into the shape of a heart and place on top of salmon, forming the outline of a red baby bell pepper heart on top of each heart shaped salmon cream cheese open face sandwich. Fill the red bell pepper heart on the Pepper Marinated Salmon with the included Horseradish Sauce. Garnish the Mojito flavored Salmon with a Mint leaf. Sprinkle a pinch of Everything Seasoning over the Everything Seasoned Smoked Salmon heart. Fill the red bell pepper heart on top of the Red Wine Flavored Smoked Salmon Heart with a pinch of Feta Cheese Crumbles. Serve and enjoy!

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