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MOWI Smoked Salmon Spooky Canapes

  1. Place crackers on a chopping board and spread a little cream cheese over each one. You don’t need to use too much – just enough to hold the smoked salmon in place.
  2. Next, take the green pepper and cut it into thin strips, around 1.5-2cm in length. Then, carefully place each strip of green pepper at the top of each cracker so that it hangs over the edge like a pumpkin stem. Press down gently to ensure each strip is secured by the cream cheese.
  3. Using a round cookie cutter, carefully cut circles out of the smoked salmon around the same diameter as your crackers. Gently lift each circle onto the cream cheese-covered crackers and lightly press down to secure.
  4. Halve the olives, then cut out small triangles to form the pumpkins’ eyes, then cut out the mouth-shaped pieces (think toothy grins, smiles, frowns, etc!)
  5. Ta-da! Serve your spooky smoked salmon canapés with a wedge or two of fresh lemon (optional).

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