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MOWI Smoked Salmon Spooky Canapes

20 min
  1. Transfer the crackers to a chopping board and spread a little cream cheese over each one. You don’t need to use too much – just enough to hold the smoked salmon in place.
  2. Next, take the green pepper and cut it into thin strips, before cutting each strip to around 1.5-2cm each in length. Then, carefully place each strip of green pepper at the top of each cracker so that it hangs over the edge like a pumpkin stem. Press down gently to ensure each strip is secured by the cream cheese.
  3. Using a 4cm cookie cutter, carefully cut circles out of the smoked salmon and then gently lift each circle onto the cream cheese-covered blinis and gently press down to secure.
  4. Now, it’s time for the fiddly bit. Halve the olives, then cut out small triangles to form the pumpkins’ eyes and noses, before moving on to cut out the mouth-shaped pieces (think toothy grins, smiles, frowns, etc!)
  5. Ta-da! Serve your spooky smoked salmon canapés with a wedge or two of fresh lemon (optional).

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