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Thai Chile Smoked roasted Salmon salad (serves 2)


Thai Chile Smoked roasted Salmon salad (serves 2)


In a small bowl add the soy sauce, lime juice, sesame oil, brown sugar, corn oil, salt (be aware the salty flavor of the soy sauce) and the pepper. Wisk very well until the sugar get dissolved, add the Thai chile and reserve.

In a big bowl, add arugula, baby spinach, watercress, cherry tomatoes, the red cabbage and half of the sesame seeds. Take the MOWI Smoked roasted cracked pepper and garlic Atlantic salmon and with hands tear apart into medium size chunks and add them to the bowl. Mix everything together. Serve the salad in two plates, decorate with the other half of the sesame seeds and top it with the vinaigrette. Enjoy

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