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MOWI Atlantic Salmon Shiitake Truffle Butter Puck with Black Rice & Mushroom Salsa

25 min

Start by seasoning the salmon portion with salt and pepper to taste. Proceed to place the butter in the center of the salmon and air fry for about 8 minutes at 425F. Continue to wash and de-stem the white button mushrooms. Dice into about pea-sized pieces and place in a medium-size bowl. Once this is done, quarter each baby carrot lengthwise and dice finely then add to bowl. Finely fine the red onion and add to salsa bowl. Make sure to cut the jalapeño in half, remove the seeds and ribs to your liking. Dice jalapeño finely, and as the rest add to the salsa bowl. Chop up the 5 rings of cilantro and mix all ingredients together. Proceed by squeezing 1 line worth of juice over the top of all ingredients. Add about 2 grinds worth of sea salt to the top (or a pinch or 2) and stir all the ingredients together. Take a taste and add more salt or lime to you liking. To finalize, place cooked salmon on the top of bed of cooked black rice and place mushroom salsa on the side. Enjoy!

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